Lesson 1: At the airport Zara lives with her parents in London. They have come to Bangladesh to visit Zara’s aunt and uncle. She is very close to her cousin Mita. Both the families have visited many interesting places together in Bangladesh. It was a great fun. Then they decided that they would visit some places outside Bangladesh too. They decided to go to Thailand. But Mita’s parents were too busy with their work, so they could not go. However, Mita was going with them. Mita, Zara and her parents are at Hajrat Shahjalal International Airport. They are waiting in the lounge. Mita is very excited. This is her first time to board a plane. They are flying by Bangladesh Biman. Mita is hoping to have a great time in Thailand. As they wait, the two cousins start planning what they would do once they reach Bangkok. Mita’s uncle brings forms for all of them to fill in before going through the immigration. He gives one to Mita and says, “You have to give some information about yourself in the form. The immigration officer will check your passport and stamp it. And then you are ready to travel.” Mita, Zara and her parents start filling in the forms.